Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Water Damage (Fix)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has water proof and dust resistance feature that we would have liked in Galaxy S4 too. But then there is still an inherent problem with S4 Active;  in some cases, the water damage may not be covered by warranty. An AT&T employee on anonymity had posted a warning that the Galaxy S4  Active warranty becomes void on water damage.

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The fact is even if the Galaxy S4 Active goes round the town talking about it water damage resistance features, the phone may still be damaged if you immerse the device without closing the ports and the case well.  After you have dropped the phone in water, accidentally or otherwise, you may find that the microphone tends to become quiet and the speaker has a hollow sound; this may pass.  But if you find that the windows on the phone are opening automatically or the phone freezes, it means that your phone is likely to experience water damage.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active water damage solution

  1. If you wanted to test the phone by putting in the water, make sure that the ports and the back cover are closed and shut properly.
  2. If there is water trapped in your  Galaxy S4 Active, do not use it. Open the back cover and remove the battery. There are water damage indicators in the phone, which turn red, indicating water damage. Place the phone in a bowl of dry rice and leave it to dry overnight.
  3.   If it still does not work, do not attempt to repair. Just contact Samsung and send the device back to them. The company will check your phone for water damage and find it if there is a mechanism issue. They will replace it; if not you may have to pay for the repairs. Customers complain that AT&T does not replace Galaxy S4 Active for water damage, so it is best to go to Samsung itself.  However, check with both the companies. You should make your case stronger by letting them know you had tested the phone because water damage resistance has been highlighted by the company in their promotional material.
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