Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Charging

Many users have reported issues of Samsung Galaxy S4 not charging or slow charging, which holds true for Galaxy S4 Active as well. Here is the workaround –

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  1. Ideally, the phone should take two hours to be fully charged. But if this is not happening,  try with a different charger and see what happens.  You can also check the charging on your Galaxy S4 by going to Settings – Battery with notifications ‘ Charging A/C’ or ‘Charging (USB). Please note that if you are charging your device with USB, the rate will be slower.
  2. Do not have too many apps or programs running  and keep the screen turned off when the phone is  in the charging mode.  If it does not shut off automatically, please go to Settings – More-  Developer Options – and remove the checkmark on Stay Awake. You can also see the Developer Options by going to Settings – More- About Device  – Build  Number (tap it till it unlocks)
  3. Please note that you take care of these basic things – that you are using the same charger that is shipped with your device. The cable and the charger should be fixed properly and secure when you charge your Galaxy S4
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