Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheating – Fix

  It has been seen that Samsung Galaxy S4 tends to overheat or become unbearably hot. This has been experienced in cases when people tend to watch a movie or play a game.  Some have even experience the Galaxy S4 becoming warm or hot after using a camera or by just browsing the web.  Here are some possible fixes –

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  1.  Make sure that all the apps are updated.  Go to the Play Store, choose Menu and My Apps. You will see  ‘Updates’ at the top right corner.  Once you click them, the latest versions will be updated.
  2. The media server can also be a reason. Just remove the microSD card and then keep a backup of all the files on your computer. Put the card back into the S4 and format it. This should resolve the problem of Galaxy S4 overheating.
  3.  Turn off the Smart Mode.  Go to WI-FI and turn off ‘Smart Mode’.
  4. If still the S4 tends to become warm and you feel that it is not justified because you do not use it as much, it could be a hardware issue. Contact Samsung service center and check if you can get a replacement.
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