Samsung Galaxy S4 – Release Date, Screen Size

Is the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the pipeline? It looks like the South Korean phone company has set its time of release for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 around Feb. With the recently released Samsung Galaxy S3, this is perceived as a very quick move by everyone in the mobile world. The Korean times state that the phone shall be at the Mobile World Congress around February and shall hit the market shortly after that in March.

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Keeping up with the latest trends in the mobile market, this latest handset will have an OLED screen which will be five inch large. This is a definite up as compared to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S3 which has a 4.8 inch screen. It is said that this new device will support 4G LTE.

As for physical looks, Samsung shall maintain the regular rectangular shape with rounded corners that is very popular among all products you see from Samsung in the mobile phone market. However, there are going to be some external changes to the design which are not yet disclosed by Samsung. Samsung’s S3 has been the most recent fastest selling model in the smartphone market and with the new S4 too, we shall see the mobile super power enjoying yet another year of dominance.

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