Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One – Which is better ?

Haven’t you always considered HTC to be one of the most undervalued mobile phone brands? Well, they have been around for quite a while now and have always been at par with some of the best brands out there. So why is HTC not spoken of in the same breath as Samsung, Apple and Nokia? Let’s test them out by comparing one of their best phones against one of the best in the market. The HTC One against the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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1. Size – Well the only notable factor here is that the HTC One is much more heavier and bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The HTC One measures 137.4×68.2×9.3 mm while the S4 measures 136.6×69.8×7.9 mm. In terms of weight too, the HTC One weight 143 grams while the S4 weighs 130 grams. So we see that HTC hasn’t really learnt how to fit all that technology into a compact phone. Does it matter though? I believe so. No one wants to carry a rock around now, do they?

2. Display – This is one area where HTC has really tried hard to match up with the Galaxy S4. HTC is offering a 1080×1920 pixel Super LCD3 on the HTC One while the Galaxy S4 comes with a 1080×1920 pixel Super AMOLED screen. But while the Galaxy S4 offers a pixel density of 441 ppi on its 5 inch screen the HTC One offers a pixel density of 469 ppi spread over its 4.7 inch screen. Clearly, HTC have got this one right. The display quality on the phone is simply spectacular.

3. Memory & Storage – The HTC has really let us down in this category. While the Galaxy S4 offers a 16, 32 and 64 GB version with an option to expand memory to 64 GB the HTC One only offers a 32 and 64 GB option with no expandable memory. In terms of RAM both phones offer 2 GB of RAM which means that both should be able to perform pretty well.

4. Beats Audio – Yeah, you read that right. The HTC One comes with a Beats Audio sound enhancement which guarantees that your music experience will be second to none. This is truly a welcome addition to smart phones. When you are paying so much for a phone, you would at least expect to get a decent sound quality out of it.  HTC does have an edge here compared to the S4.

5. Camera – This is probably the reason why HTC can’t really run with the big dogs. The HTC One comes with a meager 4MP camera which is nothing when compared to some of the other smart phones in the market today. On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 is fitted with a huge 13MP camera. Clearly, there is only one winner here. But, HTC does manage to keep up in terms of the front facing camera. The Galaxy S4 has a 2 MP camera on the front that supports dual video call while the HTC One offers a 2.1MP camera with 1080p HDR.

6. OS & Performance – Not much to mention here. It’s just that the HTC One comes with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) while the Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). There isn’t much of a difference here though as the HTC One is upgradeable to v4.2.2 and this isn’t something to hold against HTC as we all knew that Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) was always going to be released with Samsung’s flagship phone the Galaxy S4. In terms of processors the HTC One matches up with the Galaxy S4 pound for pound. The Galaxy S4 runs on a Quad core 1.6 GHz  and a Quad core 1.2 GHz while the HTC One runs on a Quad core 1.6 GHz processor. And we all know that the Galaxy S4 can only run on one of it’s processors at a time.

7. Battery – The Galaxy S4 comes with a huge 2600 mAh Li-ion battery that is sure to give you countless hours of battery life. The HTC One on the other hand comes with a smaller 2300 mAh Li-Po battery that should be able to perform just as well.

8. Price – There hasn’t been any information released by either HTC or Samsung regarding the pricing of these phones. But if rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S4 is going to be priced somewhere around INR 45,000 and the HTC One is going to be priced close to INR 40,000. 


Well, when you are going to be dishing out so much for a phone there is absolutely no reason for you to have to settle for a 4MP camera on the back. That is pretty much the only problem I can find with the HTC One. It is a pretty awesome phone but the Galaxy S4 pulls ahead just because of its superior camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One –  Pictures

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