Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain – Fix

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones in the market as far as features are concerned. However, the 2250 -mAh battery is not exactly a powerhouse. Even though it charges quickly, it drains quickly too. Here’s how to resolve the battery drain issue with the phone-

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samsung galaxy s6  photo

  1. Reduce the brightness, it is a single-handed feature which depletes the battery.
  2. Check if other features are running in the background; disable them. You do not really need the syncing function, because all mails and updates start syncing anyway when you actually run through a particular app. You can remove background syncing by going into Settings – Accounts.
  3. You can connect to a Wi-Fi router on a lower speed and benefit from extra juice in the battery. For instance, you can choose 2.4 GHz instead of the default 5Hz speed.
  4. Some toggling with the Wi-FI features can also help. For instance, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and choose Smart Network You can also go to Settings -> Wi-FI -> More ->Advanced and turn Always Scanning off.
  5. Choose ‘Power Saving’ mode in the Battery. This can surge your battery life but be informed that this ‘ultra power saver’ mode is best suited for emergency situations, because you can lose out on certain functionalities, vibration and brightness.
  6. Delete some apps that you do not use. Or at least turn off their notifications. Alternatively, while taking a decision for disabling apps that consume more battery, you can go to Settings -> Battery -> and check Battery Usage.
  7. Buy a good quality portable battery power bank especially when you are traveling, so that you do not lose out battery on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
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