Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t turn on (Fix)

At times, you may wonder what is wrong with your Galaxy S6, especially when it does not turn on. Here are ways to resolve the problem –

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samsung galaxy s6

  1. Restart the phone by holding the Power button for about ten seconds till you see the welcome screen.
  2. We will have to check if there is a problem with the charger or the phone. Use another charger to see if the Samsung Galaxy S6 turns on. Another thing that you do is plug in the original charger and cable and leave in for half an hour.
  3. After that, hold the ‘Power’ button for a good ten seconds.
  4. Hold the ‘Power, Home and Volume’ buttons together and get the ‘Recovery Menu’ up till you see the Android Mascot onscreen. Use the ‘Volume’ button and highlight ‘reboot system’ now and then use the ‘power’ button to choose the ‘reboot system’ option.
  5. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 does not turn on, then you can give the phone back to the retailer if it is in the warranty or get it serviced by an authorized service center, if it is beyond the warranty period.
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