Samsung Galaxy Tab battery life

Below is a discussion on the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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Battery life is one of the most important factors of a tablet that determines its salability. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE comes with a Lithium Ion Polymer battery which has a rating of around 7000 mAh. As per Samsung, the battery on the Galaxy Tab lasts for around nine hours for watching videos on a single battery charge, while it can be used to listen to music for up to seventy two hours.

Most of us use the tablet PC for to watch movies while travelling. There are many others who also use the tablet as a wireless communication device. We generally watch movies while in planes or when we are on a road trip and get stuck in a traffic jam. Most often than not, we tend to use the tablets during the day, and it is during this time of bright sunshine that we need to rank up the brightness on our tablets to be able to see anything. Such activities tend to drain the battery life and it is under such conditions that the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been tested.

It is an amazing revelation that the Samsung Galaxy Tab did last for around six hours and a few minutes under the above conditions. This is almost  similar to the other tablets in the market. However, the Tab has a lot more features and is much more powerful than those tablets.

Also, if you play movies on the Tab with the brightness set at 65 percent and the Wi-Fi turned on, it still manages to impress all of us with a battery life of a little more than eight hours.

Now what happens when the Tab is charged after the battery is completely drained?

It is difficult to choose one type of charging method. Most of us would want a slow and nice charge so that the overall health of the battery is maintained and it lasts for more than two to three hundred cycles. A fast charge is great for those who are always on the go and cannot keep the Tab plugged onto a wall socket. However, fast charges do degrade the quality of the battery. The generally tendency of the rate of charge is to be fast in the initial phases from 0 percent to 10 percent, and to slow down to a trickle between 90 percent to 100 percent.

The recharging of battery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is its major downside. A completely drained battery on the Tab takes nearly four and a half hours to charge completely, which can be very problematic to individuals on the go.

Some of the tricks that one may employ to get more battery life out of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are listed below:

  • Turn down the brightness when not required and keep it at the lowest levels possible
  • Push notifications as well as other background options such as email fetching can be turned off.
  • There are many apps that are available in the market that can assist in controlling the factors responsible for battery drainage. You can download and use any of these battery/power apps.
  • The battery tends to drain faster when in roaming or fringe areas of connectivity and also due to excessive indulgence in internet, GPS and Navigation related activities.
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