Siri for Android, Google Announces Voice Search App

Do you wish to have Siri on your Android phone ? Well,  you don’t need to, Google is on the verge of announcing the ‘Siri-like’ Voice Search features for Android.  The have been many apps for voice recognition in the market but still the Siri, the original stood out.  Google has now decided to officially enter the market with its voice search recognition app.

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Apple, recently announced that it will be removing the YouTube app for their sixth generation model and will also be coming up with their own version of Google Map that will run on 3D technology.  But what is evident that both the big boys are trying to replicate the success aspects of each other in their own way. The Siri for Android  will have easy, contextual voice recognition and using the personal information given in your Google Account, it will be able to personalize answers effectively.

Google showed off its news addition to voice search in San Francisco and said it is currently testing a a new service that will combine its web based email with search engine capabilities.  With this unique voice search feature, the Google voice search app will give information on everything from weather to movie listings to even telling you the closest car mechanic at your place

The new app gives answers to search results in a human sounding voice just like Apple’s Siri. Google is testing a  new service that will combine personal emails into searches on the Google website. This service that will be given to 1 million users initially, will make it even easier for consumers to find  and track information like flight schedules and shipping orders.  Amit Singhal, vice president at Google Search said, “This is going to be one truly universal search that should have all the information that humanity has put on the web and information that’s your information. He also said that the initial ‘field trial’ was with Gmail, but the company is also open to working with other existing email providers.

Google Voice Search Test Video (Sample)

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