Sony Xperia Z3 – Slow Charging (Fix)

Many Sony Z3 owners have stated that the phone takes ages to get charged. It may take several hours before the battery changes fully from a zero charge.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

  • Ensure that the software/OS on the Z3 is fully updated to its latest version. Also, check and verify if all new updates for all the apps on the device are installed. For OS updates, users may go to Settings – > About Phone – > Software Updates – > tap on System Updates.
    • Check for OS and app updates on a regular basis and install them as and when available to prevent slow charging issues in the future.
  • When apps are running in the background, they continuously consume battery life. Hence, close or stop all unwanted apps before putting the device to charge. Alternatively, you may restart the Z3 to clear the cache and kill the unnecessary apps, and then charge the battery.
    • To prevent charging problems in the future, users may get into the habit of exiting an app by pressing the back key instead of directly pressing the home key. Doing so will close the app completely and prevent it from working in the background.

sony xperia z3 charging

  • Certain apps and games may place excess workload on the processor, screen, and battery. Hence, do not use such apps or play games when the Z3 is put to charge. It is best to avoid all use when the battery is being charged.
    • If possible, you may even turn off the Z3 and then charge the device.
  • Use only the original charger and charging cable shipped in the box with the Z3 to charge the device. Using a third-party charger may cause slow charging issues and even cause the battery to lose charge. Sometimes, a third party charger can also damage the battery and/or the phone.
  • Ensure that the ends of the charging cable are securely attached to the phone and the charging adapter and that there are no loose ends. Improper connection at the ends can also cause slow charging or loss of battery charge.
  • If slow charging continues, then check for any faults with the charging hardware. You may connect the adapter to a different power socket and charge the device, or you may try charging a different device using the same power socket. You may use a different compatible charger to charge the Z3. Or, you may use just the cable to charge the Z3 by connecting it to the USB port of a PC or laptop, to verify if the cable is defective or not. It may however be noted that charging via USB port is much slower as compared to charging through a direct power source.
  • If charging hardware is not faulty, then some buggy app or apps may be hampering the charging process. Users may boot the device into safe mode so as to disable non-system apps and thus verify whether or not conflicts with certain third-party apps is preventing the normal charging process. If the Z3 charges normally in safe mode, then it is conclusively proven that non-system apps are the cause. Users may then uninstall all apps, one by one, to identify the conflicting app or apps.
  • To boot into safe mode,
    • Press and hold the power button till a menu with options like ‘airplane mode,’ ‘power off,’ and ‘take screenshot,’ appears on screen.
    • Tap and hold the ‘power off’ option till a pop-up with ‘reboot to safe mode’ option appears on screen. Tap on ok.
    • The phone will reboot into safe mode. Safe mode can be recognized by the words ‘safe mode’ which appears on lower left hand corner of the display.
  • The above process can be time consuming and boring. Hence, users may try a factory reset of the device to get rid of all the apps. A reset to original; factory settings also delete all data form eth device. So before you start the reset process, ensure that all the data is backed up. To perform a factory reset,
    • Go to Settings – > Backup and Reset – > Factory data reset – > tap on the option ‘reset phone’ – > enter any password or pin if needed – > tap on the option ‘erase everything.’
    • The Xperia Z3 will reboot after the reset process is complete. Now, selectively reinstall the apps to verify if and which app/apps were causing the slow charging problems.
  • If the issue persists, then contact Sony support or drive down to a service center for additional assistance, including repair or replacement of the device.


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