Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain – Fix

January 15, 2016 admin 0

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones in the market as far as features are concerned. However, the 2250 -mAh battery is not exactly a powerhouse. Even though it charges quickly, it drains […]

Sony Xperia Z3 Battery Drain – Fix

July 6, 2015 admin 0

The battery shipped with the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone is powerful and comes with comparatively large capacity battery. However, some owners have complained of battery life problems and rapid battery drain. Follow the steps given […]

OnePlus One – Battery Drain (Fix)

April 18, 2015 admin 0

The OnePlus One smartphone comes with a heavy-duty 3,100 mAh battery. Users are however still experiencing issues of battery drain and reduced battery life. Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue: Limit the […]