Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

May 7, 2012 admin 0

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest smartphone from the Samsung stable and was awaited with bated breath. A comparison between the features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is presented […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

May 5, 2012 admin 0

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are two of the best new Android phones that will hit the market in the near future. A comparison between the two is provided below: The […]

GPS app for Android

January 23, 2012 admin 0

GPS is designed to accomplish various difficult responsibilities that would not be possible with a wireless data system. This GPS app is very useful to seek out things and people who are missing or cannot […]

New android phones 2011

December 27, 2011 admin 0

There are so many Android phones that are launched every week that it becomes difficult for the average user to keep abreast of these launches and choose the best one available in the market. Hence, […]

Android apps for tablets

December 27, 2011 admin 0

The iPad is the market leader as far as the tablet market is concerned. However, the Android market for tablets is not far behind. The hardware for the Android tablet market is growing rapidly, with […]