HTC One M8 WIFI Not Working (Fix)

July 31, 2015 admin 0

Many HTC One M8 owners have reported about Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Users may be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network at all; or they may be able to connect but with very low speeds […]

HTC One M8 Roaming Problem (Fix)

July 24, 2015 admin 0

Some HTC One M8 owners have reported that their phone always appears to be roaming. This is a cause for concern as it can lead to very high cell bills, especially for those users who […]

HTC One M8 – No SIM Card Error (Fix)

July 20, 2015 admin 0

Many HTC One M8 owners have complained of occasional SIM card detection errors on their phones. Users have reported that an error message about non-detection or improper detection of the SIM card tends to pop […]

HTC One M8 Bluetooth Not Working – Fix

July 9, 2015 admin 0

Bluetooth connectivity problems are common with almost all smartphones, particularly when you are trying to connect the device via Bluetooth to a car. The issue can be resolved by following varied troubleshooting steps, including sheer […]

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