Samsung Galaxy S5 Wifi Problem – Fix

May 3, 2015 admin 0

Many users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone have reported Wi-Fi connection issues. The phone may not connect to Wi-Fi at all, or it may connect but the connection may suddenly drop, or the Wi-Fi […]

Xiaomi Mi4 Wifi Problem (Fix)

May 3, 2015 admin 0

Users have complained that the Xiaomi Mi4 faces varied issues when connecting to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi signal strength may be poor, or it may drop frequently or continuously. Sometimes, it may throw up an authentication […]

HTC One M8 – Wifi Issues (Solved)

October 4, 2014 admin 0

A lot of users have reported that HTC One M8 has WI-FI issues, and does not connect.   At times, the device may experience connection drops, can be really slow or fail to connect automatically. Here […]

Galaxy Note 3 Wi-FI Issues – Fix

December 2, 2013 admin 0

Galaxy Note 3 has some common problems, one of which is a Wi-FI issue. Some of them have reported problems in which either the Wi-FI connection drops or becomes really slow. Here are some of […]