The Best Android SMS App

When compared to conventional phones, smartphones are capable of using third party messaging apps, which have extra features. The android operating system for smartphones comes with a default stock app, which apparently has basic features. The stock messaging apps will let you send, receive, reply, and read your SMS contents. As long as your requirements for SMS functionality are basic, you may certainly use the stock messaging app conveniently and comfortably. 

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However, for the tech-savvy and advanced users who would like to play around with their SMS feature, they may not find the stock messaging app exciting. Although you can do some other things with this app such as search for specific messages, delete threads you do not need or change the settings, you may enjoy little from the stock messaging apps. You may not be able to change the skin or background theme that is featured by stock app. 

The stock messaging app takes a simple background and you cannot change it. This could be boring especially if you want to change the color and other features. However, with alternative android messaging apps, you can really enhance the functionality of your android messaging capability features. The android OS is very customizable but when it comes to messaging app, there is great limitation and this is why android smartphone users are seeking for messaging apps that can give them the flexibility and pervasiveness they desire.

Moreover, with the stock messaging apps, there is no provision for back up and store. There is also no message security and scheduling features. All these aspects coupled with the inability to customize the look of the background theme or skin, you will most likely be frustrated by lack of these features.

Shifting to third party messaging applications has offered great benefits to users. Some of the best alternative android messaging apps include Handcent SMS, Go SMS Pro, and Tango to mention but a few. Handcent SMS is perhaps one of the most popular of the third party android messaging apps. It is feature-rich and has great customizable ability. 

Handcent SMS works for both MMS and SMS. You can use different themes and skins giving you many options to set the appearance of the background theme. In addition, you can change the look of the text bubble and conversation thread. This app has SMS scheduling feature, which lets you compose an SMS, and sent it on scheduled time and date. Moreover, you can secure your messages with a privacy box meaning that not all people can access them. 

You can apply filters and back up your SMS and MMS and this ensures that you do not lose them. Go SMS Pro has also scheduling feature and cool themes which you can use for the skin. Other features are batchmode, privacy mode and pop up with quick reply. In essence, if you would like to enhance the functionality of android messaging features, you need to use the third party messaging apps that are designed to offer additional tools for messaging.

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