Top Free Android Games

The Android Market is growing at a breakneck speed and the day is not far off when it may take over the iOS apps as the leader in apps for mobile devices. However, there is still time for that. In the meantime, let us enjoy some of the best games that are available on the Android platform; and to add icing to the cake, these games are free.

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  • Angry Birds: This game is by far the leader in the list of Android games. It is a big hit and extremely popular amongst game fanatics as well as regular users. The game is simple and features several angry birds, various structures and a giant slingshot. The aim of the game is to solve the causal puzzle wherein you have to destroy the different structures by flinging tiny grumpy birds at them with the aid of a giant-sized slingshot. The game has several franchises such as Angry Birds Seasonal and Angry Birds Rio. However, it is best to download the original version of Angry Birds to your Android phone.
  • Words with Friends: This is another popular Android game that is multiplayer and cross platform. In this Scrabble-like game, you can challenge other friends who may or may not be on Android platforms and compete with them on wordplay. The game is free to download and is one of the most popular social games.
  • Bonsai Blast: This is another all time favorite game with the patrons. The game makes for a mesmerizing experience at firing multi-colored marbles. You have to shoot the marbles with accuracy and speed at other marbles that are making the way towards the Zen sign at the end of the track. If those marbles are successfully cleared, then the player can reach the other levels.
  • Gem Miner: This game is available only on the Android platform and allows you to dig and search for various gems, metals, ores, etc. Such gems can then be traded for lights, upgraded packs, etc.
  • Abduction: It is a simple game wherein you need to guide a cow that is constantly hopping from one platform to another. This can be done by slanting the phone from side to side. In the process, you need to catch presents and dodge parachute bombs as you climb. Every level allows the players to free other fellow creatures that are beamed up by the alien attackers. In addition, there are a lot of modes as well as different backgrounds to keep you enchanted.
  • BitLetters: This is another scrabble-like game which is equally popular. It’s fast, easy and lots of fun.
  • Air Control Lite: This is a fun game, wherein you get to man the air control tower and manage the air traffic. There are there landing strips that are allotted to you; one is a pad for helicopters, one for larger planes and the last one for smaller planes. The player needs to draw the landing paths for various aircrafts. The number of aircrafts keeps on increasing with the length of time spent on the game. The greater the amount of time spent in the tower without crashes, the higher is the player’s rank
  • NinJump: This is another favorite among gamers. The aim of the game is to climb the sides of buildings, jumping from one structure to another, thereby effectively dodging the enemies. Ninjas, birds, squirrels will pose problems during the ascent and the payer needs to chop and capture them with swords. If you capture three of them, then you stand to win a power-up of that thing.
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