Unfortunately, VZWAVSService has stopped – LG G3 Error Message (Fix)

Many LG G3 users have been confronted with their weird problem wherein they get this error – Unfortunately, VZWAVSService has stopped. The reason can be attributed to a problem with the Verizon Address Verification System, with regards to connecting addresses to card-related transactions.  The problem seems to be more common due to getting into conflict with Google Plus update.

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 Here is a workaround to solve this problem

  1. Go to settings – Apps, move to the All tab and look for the Google Plus app, then tab on ‘Clear Data’ and then ‘Clear Cache’
  2.  You can also uninstall updates in the Google+ app, by going to settings and then Apps.
  3. Go to the application manager and deactivate VZWAVSService
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