Windows phone 7 vs Android

Most of us are now familiar with the Android platform and Android phones.  Hence, the specifications of Windows phone 7 are discussed here. Later, there is a comparison of between the Windows phone 7 and the Android phones.

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The Windows phone 7 does not have any option for microSD cards and supports only internal memory. All Windows phone 7 require a touchscreen, in addition to requirements such as a 1500mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 2.1 and a 1GHz processor. Most Windows phone support 720p video recording and may have the capability for Flash. The biggest ‘it’ factor for Windows phone 7 is the rapid access to the camera. Windows Phone 7 supports tethering but does not have the option for Wi-Fi hotspot support.

Windows Phone 7 pros and cons

The phone has fast performance, a beautiful operating system and vivid animations. However there are some cons that are listed below:

  • No options to cut or copy and paste
  • The inability to multi-task that leads to lots of reloading
  • One cannot customize a ringtone
  • Tethering support is lacking
  • There is limited capability and applicability of the office apps in the Windows phone  7
  • The start screen has limited options to customize
  • The auto rotation feature is inconsistent with Zune available only in the portrait mode
  • Some key apps such a Kindle, an Evernote or a Podcatcher are lacking
  • For connection to PC, you have to lock into Zune software which prevents access to files or drives
  • There is limited ability to take screenshots or capture them

One can take relief from the fact that most of these bugs can be corrected with updates and application releases. Microsoft has already informed that an update to fix the cut, copy and paste option will be released soon. However, the phone may never be able to match the Android platform as far as true multi-tasking is concerned and the lack of customization places the Windows phone 7 at a great disadvantage.

Some of the pros of Windows phone 7 are listed below:

  • The launch has a good collection of apps
  • The integration of Facebook is great
  • The User interface is consistent and slick
  • The Operating System is very stable and solid as compared to say, the Android 2.2 with very few lockups in the Marketplace and no crashes
  • The integrations of Zune is excellent that makes for easy and rocking streaming of music and downloading
  • It has super Exchange support which also includes support for multiple Exchange accounts

Which OS is better – Android or Windows Phone 7 ?

Some of the options that are better on the Android phones are listed below:

  • The panels as well as the home screen can be customized
  • There is excellent integration of Google services such as Maps, voice, Gmail, listen and search
  • It gives great options to select apps from the Android Market
  • It allows several apps to run at the same time giving a true meaning to multi-tasking
  • One can access the gadget’s directory structure completely
  • It is capable of Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering
  • The mobile web browser is awesome with great support for text reflow
  • The keyboard has swipe text entry option
  • Widgets are available for wireless connection management and other such things

The Android phones do have some cons such as limited gaming quality and a lack of media content sources which are for both video and audio. However, one can safely say that the Android phone is a better device than the Windows phone 7, which has still a long way to go as far as the smartphone market is concerned.

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