Xiaomi Mi3 Heating Issue – Solution

The Xiaomi Mi3 does have heating issues. However, it often does not occur with basic use of the phone. Heating issue is only occurs when calls are placed for long durations; continuous gaming, especially high end games; numerous apps running in the background, particularly when combined with other tasks like browsing or calling; full HD video recording for prolonged periods; and/or extended browsing.

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It may also be noted that the severity of heating problems differs from one user to another; some experience unbearable rise in body temperature of the phone, while others may observe only mild heating problems.

In most cases, it is the back panel of the Xiaomi Mi3 which gets warm, often due to causes listed above. Experts have indicated that the aluminum metal back panel is the reason for faster transmission of heat. The front panel also experiences a mild rise in temperatures after the back panel has heated up. However, once the phone gets heated up, the temperature remains stable and does not rise any further.

In some cases, extreme use of the phone can however make it very hot. The heating issue is especially prominent near the back camera. Moderate gaming, etc. generally makes the Xiaomi Mi3 somewhat warmer than normal. But this is the case with most high end phones, often because the processors do not have a proper cooling system. The only difference between the Xiaomi Mi3 and other phones with regards to the heating issue is that the former gets warm/hot very quickly, and that temperature is maintained during the entire period of usage.

Solution for Xiaomi Mi3 heating issue

The heating issue in Xiaomi Mi3 may not have a permanent resolutions. However, users can go for the below listed workaround options to avoid it.

1. Change the battery settings from a high performance mode to a balanced mode or a battery saving mode. The high performance mode provides additional power to the battery which can cause the Xiaomi Mi3 to get heated up rapidly.

  • To change the mode, Go to Settings – > Advanced options – > Battery – > Battery mode – > enable/turn on the battery saver mode.
  • In high performance mode, all four cores are being continuously used to power up the Xiaomi Mi3, which can heat up the device. In battery saver mode only two cores get used, thereby preventing the chances of excessive heating up.

2. Turn of GPS, mobile data, and Wi-Fi, if they are not in use; turn off live wallpapers; and also kill or stop all unwanted apps that are running in the background. It will lower overall CPU usage and prevent heating issues. Users may also install an app to keep a check on varied processes that are running in the background and help stop them.

3. Purchase a rubber back cover of relevant thickness. This will prevent the transmission of heat from the body to the hands, and make the Xiaomi Mi3 comfortable to hold.

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