Xiaomi Mi3 – Push Notification Not Working

Push notification is a popular and important feature present on varied smartphones. Several users of the Xiaomi Mi3 have complained that push notification does not work on their phones. A lot of users are unable to get any notification, while some users have complained that they do not get notifications only from certain apps.

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Please follow the steps listed below to resolve the push notification issue:

  • If you use Wi-Fi to access the internet on the phone, then
    • Go to Wi-Fi option – > tap on Advanced Settings – > and enable the option ‘Wi-Fi on during sleep’
    • For apps that do not get displayed on the notifications, verify if all the required permissions have been granted to the app for the alert to show on the device. To do this,
      • Go to Settings – > Tap on Application Manager/Apps – > Tap on ‘All’ tab – > Tap the app that does not show notifications – > tap on ‘Show Notifications’ option.
      • It may also be noted that push notification for chatting apps like WhatsApp, etc. are only available if they are running in the background or are in use. When the RAM is cleared of these apps, or if the user signs out of these apps, then push notification will not work. In order to get push notification for such chatting apps, enable them in the auto-start option and lock them after they clear up. To do this,
        • Go to Security – > Permission – > Auto-start Management – > tap on add auto-start apps
        • To permit push notification display in the status bar, Go to Settings – > Notifications – > Manage Notifications – > Open the chatting app, for example, WhatsApp – > enable or turn on ‘Show in Status Bar’
        • To lock the app, Long-press the Menu key. This will show all the apps that are running in the background. Now, drag the chatting app icon like WhatsApp to lock it. This will ensure that it does not get cleared in the next clear up operation.
        • Also, ensure that WhatsApp and other chatting apps has access to the contact list on the phone. It helps fix synchronization problems with the chatting apps. This can be done by,
          • Go to Settings – > Apps – > WhatsApp – > Manage permission – > Access to contact list


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