Xiaomi Mi4 Network Problem – Fix

Several users of the Xiaomi Mi4 have complained of poor network or poor reception of the signal strength. The phone displays poor network or faces frequent disconnection, while other phones and devices work just fine.

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This may occur due to incorrect installation of the SIM card in the SIM card slot. It can be resolved as follows:

  • Turn off the Xiaomi Mi4 and remove the SIM card tray from its slot.
  • Now, remove the SIM card from the tray and put it back again in the correct manner, i.e., with the metallic end at the lower end and facing upwards. If the SIM card slides off the tray, then use a tape layer on the back of the SIM card to ensure that it stays in place.
  • Now pop back the tray along with the SIM card into the SIM card slot.

  • Turn on the phone.
  • If the network does not get detected, then manually select the network by,
    • Go to settings – > tap on networks – > search for available networks – > select your operator from the available choices – > restart the phone
    • The network will be better now. Go back to settings option and set the network choice as automatic instead of manual for better roaming signal strength.
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