Xperia Z1 – Heating Problem and Fix

The Sony Xperia Z1 has heating issue, as one of its common problems.   Some people have reported that their device heats up rather quickly. Following a few of these steps may solve the problem –

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  1. Check the firmware, ensure that your device packs in the latest version. You can do this by going to Settings –About Phone- Software Updates-System Updates.
  2.  Check if you have too many apps running on the background, and clear them  by swishing them to the right with your hand.
  3. Check if your Xperia Z1 has the same problem in the safe mode.  With this step, you can find out if a certain app is causing the issue.  Turn the phone off and keep the power button press, till the phone begins to vibrate.  You will see  the Sony Xperia logo on the screen,  press and hold the volume down button, till the phone starts working in the safe mode. Check if the device is heating, if it doesn’t; it means an app was the reason. Restart the phone and uninstall the recent apps, till you solve the issue.
  4. If any of the above do not work, factory reset your phone. You can do this by going to Settings –Backup and Reset-Factory Data Reset- Reset Phone
  5. If the heating problem continues, take your Xperia Z1 to the nearest service center.

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