Xperia Z1 WiFI not working, getting signal drops (Fix)

If you are experience continuous signal drops, it can also be because of your Xperia phone running on Stamina Mode because it stops automatic syncing when the display is turned off.  Here are some steps that you can follow to get the WI-FI on your Xperia running at its optimum performance.

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  1. Turn the Bluetooth of your phone off
  2. Turn the Stamina Mode off. You can do this by going to Settings – Power Management-Stamina Mode, if it is not off already.
  3. Restart your Xperia Z1 and the WI-FI. Check that your phone is running the latest firmware. For this, go to Settings- About Phone – Software Updates- System Updates.
  4. Also check if your WIFI router has the latest firmware. For that you may have to get in touch with your ISP or the router manufacturer.
  5. Try and change the channel of the router to check if the DHCP is turned on.
  6. Update your phone’s software. Install  PC Companion, the Sony software on your computer, click Support Zone- Start-Phone Software Update- Start. If the version is the latest, click ‘repair phone’ and follow the steps.
  7. If any of the above steps do not solve the Xperia WIFI issue, you may have to take the phone to the service center. Also you can download and use the free app WiFI analyzer to check signal strength.
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