Z2 Tablet Touch Screen Not Responding Problem and Fix

Many Xperia Z2 tablet users have found that the touchscreen is not quite responsive, especially when working with some apps.  Some people find the lock screen not responding, and for others a particular area of the screen does not function smoothly.

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Here are some fixes for the problem

  1. Tap the power button to turn the screen off and turn it back on again, it can be a ‘freeze’ issue.
  2.  Power off the tablet and turn it on again. Press the power button and select ‘power off’ and then turn it back on again. If you still think that the screen is not responsive enough, hold the power button and the volume-up key, till the tablet turns it on again.
  3. Fire up the Update Center app to see if there is an update to solve what could be a ‘software issue;
  4.  Factory reset your Xperia Z tablet. You can do this by backing up the data, here is the way – Settings – Backup and Reset- Factory Data Reset
  5.  Connect the tablet to your PC and use ‘PC Companion’ software to perform a repair on your tablet.
  6.  Test the touchscreen of your tablet by going to Settings- About Device- Diagnostics- Test Device and working the ‘Touchscreen’ test. If that option is not visible, you can download the ‘Xperia Diagnostic’s apps. This information comes handy when you call Sony to troubleshoot the problem.
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  1. sony, shame on you…. touch screen issues like that are not in CHINESE FAKE TABLETS!!!! fix it with an update to all versions of z2 tablets!!!

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