Z3 Compact – Dead Pixels on the Screen

Some users have reported that dead pixels appear on the display of their Xperia Z3 Compact; the issue may occur immediately after they start using their phone or after it has been used for some time. Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue:

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  • Power-off the phone completely, wait for a few seconds and then turn on the phone.
  • If the issue persists, go to Settings – > Display – > increase the brightness levels so as to burn away the dead pixels

  • Search Google Play Store and download an app that will discover, identify, and possibly resolve the issue of dead pixels.
  • Factory reset the device. It may be noted that factory reset reverts the phone to factory settings and all the data gets erased. Hence, back up the data before resetting the phone.
  • To perform a factory reset,
    • Go to Settings – > Backup and Reset – > Factory data reset – > tap on the option ‘reset phone’ – > enter any password or pin if needed – > tap on the option ‘erase everything.’
    • If the issue persists, then visit a service center for repair or replacement of the phone.
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