Android barcode reader

One of the most essential tools to have on you android smartphone is a barcode reader. The barcode reader can read almost all possible forms of product codes that are available in 1D or 2D formats. The app can also read QR codes that are loaded with other information such as URL information, contact records and even calendar data. When you come across a QR code, scan it with the camera on your android smartphone and it will directly point to that place in the Android Market, from where you can download the barcode reader app. The app can be downloaded from the Android Market for free, and once you begin using it, you will realize the endless possibilities of the app.

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A barcode reader for android has many uses. Some of the most important uses of the app are mentioned below:

  • When a user scans the barcode of a particular product, the app makes Google search for similar products in the market. The result that is products enables users to have access to varied information, particularly the different prices of the product at various stores. Thus, the barcode reader app is a must have for those who love shopping. You need not run from one store to another looking for bargains. Now, the information is there at your fingertips
  • A barcode reader enables users to have access to other product statistics such as the place of manufacture, prices of competitive products as well as the date of manufacture of the product.
  • Barcode for products come in different formats and most of the popular formats such as QR codes in 1D or 2D can be scanned with the help of a barcode reader. The data thus procured is then used by the many applications on your android phone as well as Google to yield results
  • Individuals who are constantly travelling can use the barcode and get easy access to information about entertainment products such as books, DVDs or CDs. They can read reviews about a particular product and compare them with others. Also, one can search for a particular word in a book and check the page that it occurs at.
  • One needs to have internet connectivity on the android phone to make use of the barcode reader app. Once the barcode of a particular product is scanned by the mobile‚Äôs camera, the app gets activated and uses the internet connection to search for relevant information via Google.
  • There are barcode readers for phone numbers and contact information as well. Such apps encode contact information into a QR code, which can be easily scanned using a barcode reader on another android phone. This facilitates the easy transfer of contact information from one android phone to another. Scanning of the phone number with a barcode reader enables the keying in of the number, and enables users to directly dial the number. Such apps are freely available for download on the Android Market, and one of the better known barcode reader apps is developed by Z Xing.

One can safely say that the barcode reader app is the best buddy, while shopping. One can not only have access to information about various products and their prices at different places, but can also avail of information about alternative products and their prices.

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