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What makes for a great movie experience? Is it just the act of watching the movie? As far as I am concerned, a movie experience entails a lot of other things as well, such as the act of making the movie, trivia about the movie, the actors, the director and other topics related to the movie. That completes a movie experience.

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Listed below are a number of movie apps that allow you to get a complete understanding and viewpoint of a particular movie. You can download any of these apps on your android and dwell in the experience.

  • IMDb Movies & TV: It is an excellent android movie app to have. You may have access to their mobile site, but one does have a better experience after downloading the app. The IMDb Movies & TV app is free and a great tool for finding out trivia as well as for movie research. Additionally, it allows you to watch trailers of upcoming movies, check out the movie listings in local cinema and also provides the option to purchase movies from Amazon.
  • Netflix: It is available for free streaming in the United States only. You can use this app to watch your favorite movies at any place and at any time. Though the app officially runs only on a few android gadgets, there are several tweaks available that make it possible to view the movies on any android device. It is essential for you to have a Netflix account to avail of the services. You can also queue a second movie in Netflix in addition to watching a particular movie directly.
  • VLC Direct Pro: The app can be downloaded for around $3 which is a very small amount to pay for the plethora of services and features that it offers. It can play almost any type of video format known to the cyber age, and also allows the steaming of videos to other gadgets. The app allows you to play the movies and videos on your computer and other devices directly on your android phone and the reverse is also possible. You can also download the free version of VLC app, which does not have as many features.
  • GetGlue: It allows you to post information about the movies that you are currently watching and in return you can get amazing stickers or postures. The free app also enables you to check on music, TV shows, video games, etc.
  • Movie Collection: In case you have a huge collection of movies, this is one of the best apps to help you manage that collection. The app allows you to categorize the DVDs and BluRay discs with the help of the barcodes that is read by the phone’s camera, keep track of the DVDs lent, etc. The app is free though the ad-less version costs $2.99
  • RockPlayer Lite: All of us know that android does not play all the formats of videos. This is a free video player that you can use to watch a number of video formats. All you need to do is copy the movie or video onto your SD card and then play it using the app.
  • Today in Movie History: The app is available for 99 cents and provides you with a plethora of information and trivia about the entertainment industry. You can share the information on social networking sites or SMS it.
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