Android Phones with the Longest Battery Life

Although not the only major aspect that smartphone users look for when buying their devices, the battery life is certainly one of the most important things to consider. It is never fun to have your phone die when you are doing something important such as browsing the net for essential product information or simply downloading your favorite app update. However, due to the incapability of your phone’s battery to hold its charge for a longer time, you may experience this inconveniencing charge problem. 

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The short battery life does not imply that the battery is bad or draining power fast, but because the phone battery has not been designed to hold its power for a longer time. If you want to get rid of this menace of short battery life, you have to consider reading reviews about the phones that have demonstrated the best longest battery life. 

Apparently, some of the devices you will find have the longest battery life may not be your preferred choice but this rating can help you make a better decision. While manufacturers make too promising points about their phone’s battery life, this is not always the case and in practical situations, the battery lasts for less if not fewer hours than earlier implicated by the phone manufacturers 

There are obvious a number of ways in which battery life on smartphones is measured and the most common three methods are video playback, web browsing and talk time. Although each phone can vary in its performance on the three different battery life rating methods, ideally the smartphones with strong batteries will rate at top or somewhere near leading positions in each category or method and the opposite will happen to those phones with weaker batteries as they will rank near the bottom. 

A report produced by Root Uninstaller Team, the experts who created the Battery Stats Plus for Google mobile OS ranks some top 15 android phones in battery life. The report suggests that if you are looking for cheaper phone that has the best battery life, the LG Optimus Pro that was recently released in the market could be the ideal choice. This phone has a hardware keyboard and a small display screen of 240 by 320 and runs on android 2.3.3. 

Although it is an odd duck with VGA video and QWERTY features, the cheap price makes it a suitable phone. In the category of flagships devices, the Motorola Droid Razr HD ranks among the leading positions for the high charge power devices. It has an average of 40 hours battery life and the HTC One V phone ranks closer with also 40 hours. 

The aspect of battery life may not seem of much importance especially if your phone has an average power saving and retains its charge for sometime but when the unexpected happens, this is the time you discover how essential battery life is. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there was a notable concern on reigning supremacy for millions of East Coasters who had to do without power. The battery life featured as an important aspect with impromptu phone charging stations cropping up in streets and other unpredictable locations to help users of these devices at least bring some life on their phones. 

Hotels, coffee shops, banks and other stores offered free power strips to passersby to them restore some sanity in their phones, which had died of poor battery life. A CNN news crew in a filming assignment in the West Village was so kindhearted that it allowed anyone to charge devices. In another interesting scenario, a man in Union Square had hooked up a power board from his car battery and had placed a homemade signage that indicated people could charge their phones free. 

It was a trying moment for New Yorkers and they can really tell that it is not easy for anyone to do without a phone charge and this is where battery life comes in handy. Although in normal circumstances, the battery life may not even feature among the first six tech specs nor can it be singled out as the only facet that smartphone users need to consider when buying these devices, it can prove very important to users in such uncertainties where power supply is cut down unexpectedly. 

From GSMArena, a technology aligned blogging site that runs extensive battery life tests on different phones as part of its reviews, it was found that the original Maxx recorded more than 21 hours talk time when on a 4G network. The competitor got 20 hours and 30 minutes rate on talk time and impressively, this was the Maxx’s successor, the new Razr Maxx HD. This denoted that Motorola’s flagship devices perhaps are ranked some of the best in terms of battery life. 

From the Motorola Maxx series devices, the other close competitor was Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which recorded 16-hour duration on telephone time. In a contrasting test result delivered by Laptop Magazine, it showed that the large Galaxy Note 2 offers improved battery life compared with the first version of the phone. Laptop Magazine found that the life of the large Galaxy Note 2 was actually performing better in battery life than the acclaimed Motorola Maxx phone. 

In another test report, AnandTech’s writers have also expressed concerns that the HTC One X is noted to be one of the top battery performers. It is essential that smartphone users do not solely base their decision on the battery life. There are other aspects that need to be considered including speed, specs, cost, reliability and network connections. 

During the testing process, AnandTech’s writers noted that HTC One X, Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5 withered during the testing period when compared to Droid Razr Maxx. The phones had their screens going black far before that of Motorola Razr Maxx flagship phone. AnandTech is a highly acclaimed technology site that offers credible reviews on smartphones.

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