Android weather apps – Which is the best one?

The Android Market has a plethora of apps that a user can choose from. Among these apps, the most downloaded are the weather apps. The weather apps give a stylish look to the vibrant home screen display of the android smartphones. Most of the apps get assimilated with the home screen clock and give us a clear indication of the weather with clever and goofy animations of rains, clouds and sunshine.

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Presented below are some of the best weather apps for android phones. They are free to download:

  • Go Weather: This is one of the best weather apps for android. Some of its unique features such as an absence of apps, 3D video and the fantastic user interface have made the app very popular. Along with the wonderful experience the app also provides accurate weather information. One can also avail of offline weather data through Cached Date.
  • WeatherBug: This amazing weather app for android takes details from the Doppler radar such as severe weather conditions, maps, alerts, etc. It can give the weather forecasts for a maximum of one week. It also has great weather cams that allow us to see live images of over 2000 weather cameras that are across the United States
  • The Weather Channel: This is one of the most downloaded weather apps for android. One of its best features include an option wherein the app can keep track of the weather conditions in the cities of interest for the user. The updates are offered on a thirty six hour basis. Besides this, the app allows us to see and upload videos of the cities that we are at.
  • World Weather Clock Widget: This is another awesome weather app for android that allows you to check the current conditions and weather forecast of any area. Additionally, you can verify the weather forecast for up to five days. The forecast is displayed in the status bar, with the added ability to check the chances of rain in over 197 countries.
  • MIUI Digital Weather Clock: This is another fantastic weather app for android that spikes the home screen with the system information, weather forecast data, time and calendar. There are two forecast layouts that the user can choose from besides a 12/24 hour display on the home screen.
  • Radar Now: This awesome weather app for android gives us Enhanced Radar Base and National Weather Service from all the radar sites across the United States. It is a quick and rapid way to get information about bad storms.
  • Animated Weather Widget, Clock: This weather app for android presents detailed world information along with vivid graphics and realistic video effects. The wallpapers and the forecast tool that accompany the digital clock are excellent. The daily weather forecast is in animated form and presented along with live shots of snow, rain or cloudiness.
  • iMap Weather: This weather app for android is the only one with radar loops. As we travel, the actual loops get loaded and thus keeps us informed about any changes in the weather. Thus it is a useful app to have so that we can always remain prepared for weather calamities.
  • AccuWeather: This weather app for android is not as stylish or classy as other weather apps, but gives us accurate and timely information and updates of the weather.
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