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Most of the android smartphones come with either an 8 megapixel or 5 megapixel camera along with a number of settings and advanced features. Also, since these phones allow you to change or tweak the basic settings of the camera such as the exposure value and the white balance, you can shoot some really awesome pictures with these android phones.

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The number of camera apps that are available in the Android Market has steadily increased and there are many that you can choose from. However, there are some bogus camera apps as well and hence, it is very essential for you to check the apps before you spend your buck on them.

Presented below are a listed of some of the best camera apps for android phones:


  • Lightbox Photos: This is one of the best android camera apps that allows you to instantaneously upload pictures, use filters and add pictures directly to social networking sites like Facebook. The app is free for download and after installation you have to sign up for a Lightbox account. Once that is done, you can start clicking pictures and gets uploaded to your Lightbox account automatically. The pictures can then be accessed from your PC, tablet, etc.


  • HDR Camera: This android camera app can be downloaded for free. HDR Camera takes two pictures and then provides a combination of the two to get depth of color. It has a novel technology that allows you to get better quality pictures by preventing the washing out of backgrounds and providing a natural skin tone.


  • PicSay Pro: This android camera app is an excellent photo editor, but is available at a hefty price tag of $4. The app allows you to do a number of things such as adding clipart or talk bubbles to the pictures, adding text or applying paint to them, cutting out parts of the photos and adding them to other photos, etc. It also has several tools such as a red-eye remover, color correction tools etc.


  • Action Snap: This android camera app is free to download. Action Snap enables you to shoot four to nine pictures in a row. Thus it gives you the ability to create a fantastic sequence of photos. With this app it is possible to configure the camera to combine the shots every one to every five seconds, leading to the formation of a horizontal photo sequence.


  • PicPlz: This great android camera app is similar to Instagram and is free to download. It has a cool array of filters, but the wonderful sharing options make this app a must have for everybody. You can post to various social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook among others, and can also keep track of the people that you are following.


  • Magic Hour: This android camera app is available for $2 and provides around 40 different filters to choose from. Also, you can download many more filters for free and can also create new ones. However, the app has some shortcomings which do not allow you to save the location of pictures, or to zoom in on the subjects while trying to capture them or to rotate the pictures after you have shot them.


  • Camera360: This android camera app has nice color-shift and tilt-shift effects, and can be downloaded for free. Some of the many features include the really funny goofy camera filter mode, tilt-shift modes, HDR modes and several other modes.
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