Data Speed Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s

Let us compare the data speed of iPhone 5,  Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S, three of the most popular smartphones in the world.  In terms of handsets these are all amazing devices and in terms of technology, features and all such factors. But these days, users want more. Data speeds on devices matter too. Comparison of data speeds on these devices brought forth some stunning results. Although it is true, that the latest devices with the obvious advances in technology have greater speeds. Let’s take a look at the data.

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iPhone 5 adds support for 4G data networks, which is good of course. However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 offered this support since a long time though. The data speed difference in iPhone 5 is quite conspicuous. The users (who already got possession of their handset) are already excited about the high data speeds. For data speeds however, there are various dependencies. The most important one is the network carrier and the speed is dependent on whether your carrier is Verizon or AT&T etc. With the same carrier, different mobile handset’s performance in terms of download and upload speeds can be measured. The iPhone 5 passed the tests with a stunning performance for data downloads. With Verizon as the carrier, download speeds were way better than the upload speeds.

iPhone 5 average download speed showed 9.78 Mbps. With a max speed reaching as high as 11.92 Mbps and the min. Speed reaching 7.17 Mbps. Upload speeds saw an average of 7.47 Mbps, with a max upload speed of 10.87 Mbps and min speed of 2.88 Mbps. With the same carrier, the Galaxy S3 saw an average download speed of 8.87 Mbps.  With max speed reaching upto 10.8 Mbps and min speeds reaching as low as 7.3 Mbps. Upload speeds on the Galaxy S3 showed an average of 13.55 Mbps. With max upload speed = 10.58 Mbps and min upload speed reaching 7.3 Mbps. Similarly iPhone 4s statistics were as follows. Average download = 1.71 Mbps. Max. Download = 2.03 Mbps. And min download = 1.76. Average upload = 0.91 Mbps with Max upload = 1 Mbps and Min Upload = 0.84 Mbps.

Well, the same tests carried out on a different carrier like AT&T showed similar results. iPhone 5 totally outdid all the others in terms of data speeds – whether upload speeds or download speeds. Difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s seems pretty apparent. There is a definite difference. The Galaxy S3 is significantly better than the iPhone 4S in terms of speed and iPhone 5 works best if you are looking for speed.

Overall superior download speeds in iPhone 5 and superior upload speeds in Samsung Galaxy S3 were the highlights of the performance. This is just a standard test. Well, as we mentioned earlier, there are many dependencies. The carrier and strength of network plays a major role in the data upload and download speeds. These figures should not be taken as absolute speeds for these handsets with these carriers. The other dependency is the number of people using the same network around you while you are testing. Another thing to remember is that the carrier network performance keeps changing. So, guaranteeing results is not something any handset can do. Well, under similar circumstances, iPhone 5 will definitely give you a higher performance than Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S. And upload speeds in the Galaxy S3 out did all others.

So, those awaiting the arrival of your latest iPhone 5, you definitely have a good handheld if you frequently use it for downloading data.

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