Dropped Galaxy S3 in water ?

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If you drop your Galaxy phone S3, S2 or even Note  in water, there are a number of things you can do to save it from collapsing. First, you need to switch it off, take off the back cover, battery, SIM, and SD card. Although you can take it to a repair shop, it will cost probably a hundred or more of dollars. By working around a few tips with your soaked phone, you could probably save it. Below are various solutions that can help in restoring your phone;

Blow with a drier/compressed air: One thing you can do is to look for the little spaces like air vents you see when you take off the cover and battery. By blowing warm or cold air through the small vent-like spaces at the back of the phone may help dry it out saving you from hefty costs you would incur by taking the phone for a repair. There are users who have dropped their phones and applied this method and say it worked. 

Use water absorption products/packs: There are products, which have been designed to save phones from damage when they drop in water. Therefore, if you have dropped your Samsung Galaxy phone in water or toilet, you may use water absorption products, which have been designed to absorb water from a phone that has come in contact with water, be it light or heavy. No matter where you dropped it whether in a toilet, in a drink, the sink or on the bath tab, you could save your precious information and the pricey handset. 

This innovative absorption technology enables you to save on insurance premium excess charges, which you could start paying when you request for them to repair your phone. You can quickly order the absorption pack from a retail store and it will be shipped to you. The good thing with these water absorption packs is that they can work even after several days from when the phone came in contact with water. However, these products could work effectively only if they are applied immediately after the phone comes in contact with water. Perhaps the best way is to keep with you a pack in the house for an emergency because you do not know when your Galaxy Note or S3 will drop in water. 

Use rice grains seals: Other users have also recommended use of rice especially long grained. Upon an accidental drop of your Galaxy phone, you can take off the cover, batter, SD card, SIM, and any case. What you need to do is immerse the phone in a container filled with rice and sealed for a couple of days. However, this may help get the moisture out of the phone but for heavily soaked phone, it could require effective solutions such as use of specialized silica gel. 

In addition, if the phone drops in hard water with mineral deposits, this could corrode internal parts affecting its functionality. The rice will only dry the moisture but will not stop the corrosion. 

Use methylated spirit: Another possible solution is by dismantling the phone as much as possible by removing the cover, battery, SIM, and SD card and soak it in methylated spirit for a few minutes. After soaking, you can blow it gently with compressed air and a hair drier may work. After that, you may leave it in the mild sunshine for a couple of hours or about a day to check if there is moisture behind the screen. 

Usually the methylated spirit dissolves the water, is easier to evaporate off, and does not do more damage to the phone. In addition, methylated spirit may also help remove the corrosive materials like mineral deposits thus saving the Galaxy phone from corroding. Using methylated spirit could produce better results because it is hydroscopic and able to absorb water molecules and dry them out from the phone surface. 

As the methylated spirit dries out, it gets out with the water molecules. Additionally, it washes away any mineral elements like calcium that could damage the circuit boards and chips through corrosion. One user claimed that he saved his iPod phone, which had spent 3 days soaked in a tub in the backyard. Remember methylated spirit has a very low boiling point and this lets it evaporate quickly leaving the surface dry. You can discard the first spirit, put a new one, and repeat the process to ensure you do not leave any water molecules and mineral deposits on the phone. 

You should not attempt to claim for warranty services for a phone dropped in water because besides trying the dishonesty thing, most phones have water sensor and the carrier will detect if it has been exposed to water or not. If these home remedies do not work, perhaps seeking professionals to handle the repair aspect could help. Nevertheless, ensure you take the first aid by dismantling the covers and battery and keeping the phone uncovered. In addition, the fast you act, the better you can save it. You can have an insurance coverage on your phone to safeguard you from such untimely uncertainties. 

Waterproof skins 

Waterproof skins from The Winner Gear is adept enough to waterproof your smartphone.  It is made of a dual layer of silicon and gives complete protection from water, snow, dirt, dust and grime.  You can easily operate the touchscreen with the skin installed.  With this waterproof skin installed, you can carry your Galaxy 3 wherever you want, even in water sport activity.

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  1. after do all that now the phone will not stay on i have to take battery back out to restart every time,is the battery no good or other issues

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