Dropped Galaxy S4 in Water ?

Dropped your Galaxy S4 in water or toilet ? Well, you can still make it work if you follow these instructions –

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  1. Take your phone out of the water or liquid immediately.  It is tempting to check if all the buttons are working fun but avoid doing this because pressing the keys may make the water seep into the device further.  Remove the battery so that there is no power of device and no possible risk of short-circuit.  Remove the case of your phone and other attachments. Slowly removed the SIM card and other memory cards so that the ports on your device receive ventilation.
  2. Take a clean towel and gently wipe the outside part of the handset; ensure that the water does not trickle inside.
  3. The good old  rice trick works, it is not a myth. When your Galaxy S4 is completely dry and there is no more water in it, bury the phone in a container of dry rice.  How does it work ? Well, rice being a desiccant material, have hygroscopic properties that can absorb moisture.  You can also use silica gel packs for faster results but since people have uncooked rice more often in their homes, it is a popular alternative.  Leave your Galaxy S4 in the airtight container having raw rice for about 24-48 hours. By this time, the phone will have dried out completely, put the battery back and switch it on; your phone should work.

Do not do these things if your Galaxy S4 is dropped in water

  1. Using a hairdryer –  This is a debatable things, in many cases; it does work in drying out the ports and circuit board, making your phone work. But there is still risk involved because the heat from the hairdryer  may make the components hot and damage the phone. You don’t want to take risk with your Galaxy S4, do you ?
  2. Do not attempt to dry your phone by putting it in a microwave. This is possibly the worst thing you can do to your device when it is water-clogged or otherwise.

Waterproof your Galaxy S4

WinnerGear waterproof skins – These can save your Galaxy S4 or any other smartphone from damage if dropped in water.  These work on absorption technology which can offer sufficient amount of protection to your S4 from water damage. Not only are they protective against water damage, they can also guard your phone against dust and snow. The waterproof skin for your Galaxy S4 from WinnerGear is created with the help of a dual-coat of silicon, which offers protection to your device if it is dropped in the toilet or if you take it on your surfing and rafting expeditions.  You can also smoothly operate the phone with the waterproof skin installed on it.


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