Dropped OnePlus 5 in Water – Is There a Fix?

OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 offers great flagship-level features and specifications at a lower price, but users are not happy that some features have been compromised or completely left out. Some of these included the Quad HD resolutions display, expandable memory and water proof capabilities. However, despite all the complaints about this new device, there is one claim that has actually proved to be true, despite the strange silence OnePlus is exhibiting about it.

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Shown above is a test video on YouTube, where the water proof capabilities on the OnePlus 5 were put to the test. The tester displays the phone right after unboxing it and shows that all features are fully functional, before putting it in a bowl of water and starting a 60-second timer. When he tries to use the OnePlus 5 when it is still submerged in water, the touch display does not respond, but the display does not show any detrimental effects.

When the 60 seconds are over, the device is removed and wiped dry before being tested for functionality. Surprisingly the touch screen is responsive and the home button functions normally too. Upon testing the camera to see if the lens has been affected, there are no apparent glitches.

This water test shows that the OnePlus 5 is actually resistant to water damage. The company claims that the device is only water proof to a certain extent so it should not be submerged for long periods. If it falls in water, it should be fine if removed immediately. OnePlus was criticized about their promise that the OnePlus 5 would be fully waterproof and dustproof with an IP68 rating. They responded by saying that this was avoided since it would make the phone bigger. Although the OnePlus 5 is not certified for water resistance, it has proved to be waterproof in the case of accidental dropping in water, which is a big plus for the device.

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