Got a Moto E with a Loose Back Cover?

Many Moto E users have complained about a loose back cover. The back cover tends to rattle and shake somewhat when the phone is moved. Sometimes, the back cover may even slide off.

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  • It is a hardware defect. Contact the manufacturer or visit a service center for a replacement back cover. Ensure that the new back cover is properly placed as improper placement can damage the new cover as well. Also, ensure that the cover is not taken out from the top of the device when trying to remove it.

Moto E

  • If the replacement cover is also loose, then try the below listed repair options:
    • Put some superglue into the back cover openings where it clips to the Moto E. Let the glue dry and then place the back cover so that it fits tightly.
    • You may also put a tiny piece of paper or a small piece of tape on the inside section of the back and then clip it shut on the phone.


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