Kindle Fire HD does not connect to Wi-Fi

If you find that your Kindle Fire does not connect to WI-FI, then  you can try out the following things.  For one, ensure that your Kindle is not on Airplane Mode and the WI-FI is turned on in the notification bar.

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  1. Hold the Power button for a second and when you get this message ‘ Do you want to shut down your Kindle’, press  ‘Shut Down’.  Turn off the router too. Now turn both again and check. You can reboot the device by pressing the power  button or 15-20 seconds and then tap the power button to turn it on again.
  2. Ensure that your Kindle Fire HD is charged to the optimum. Reset the tablet to factory settings by pulling down notifications bar and tap More >My  Account> Deregister. Bring down the notifications bar again and click More > Device> Reset to Factory Defaults and then tap ‘Erase Everything’.  This will set your WI-FI on your Kindle Fire HD again from beginning.
  3. If you find that Kindle Fire still does  not connect to WI-FI, then may be the router is a problem or may be it is set to the wrong chancel. Check with your ISP to make the router compatible.
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