LG G3 – Slow Charging (Fix)

Some LG G3 users state that they find their phone takes a long time to get charged.  The charger that comes along is a 1.8A rated one and it should ideally not take more than a couple of hours to get the phone up and running to its optimum. Here is a checklist to find out the real reason  behind slow charging for your LG G3

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  1.  Check if you are using the very charger and cable that was in the LG G3 box.
  2.  Check with a different charger and cable to find out the real source of the problem. Make sure that you use the charger that is rated 1.8 A or more.

If the charger or cable is discovered to be faulty, return it to dealer. If you think, there is a problem with the port of the phone,  you may have to get your smartphone exchanged

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