Moto E Restricted Access Changed?

Many Moto E users have reported about issues with the cell reception. The network or cell service is lost, subsequently followed by a notification on the screen, “Restricted access changed. Emergency service is blocked.”

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This issue is not related to the phone hardware or software; it has more to do with the network. Follow the steps listed below to resolve the issue:

  • Power off the phone and take off the back cover. Now, gently remove the SIM and clean the SIM card slot as well as the SIM itself. Insert the SIM card back into the slot, put back the back cover, turn on the phone, and verify if the error message has gone away.

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  • The ‘restricted access changed’ error message usually occurs if a normal SIM has been cut down to the size of a micro SIM and then used in the Moto E. If such a SIM is being used, then the above step will resolve the problem only on a temporary basis. The issue may occur once again.
  • Users who are using a cut SIM can contact the carrier and request for a micro SIM. This will resolve the problem.
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