Moto G Rattling Sound – Fix

Many users of the Moto G smartphone have complained of an excessive rattling sound, especially when the device is shaken or when the vibration motor become active. It may occur due to low quality of vibration motor, or a loose button, or it can be linked to the keyboard’s haptic feedback. Whatever the cause, the problem is quite harmless and does not affect the handset’s functioning. It can however be very annoying.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

moto g picture

  • Use a good quality protective case for the phone. It may stop or dampen the rattling sound.
  • Another temporary fix for the rattling noise is to disable the vibration option. You can do this by going to,
    • Settings – > Sound – > Keys -> turn off the options “Vibrate when Ringing” and “Vibrate on Touch.”
  • In order to turn off or disable the keyboard’s haptic feedback option,
    • Go to Settings – > Language and Input – > Google Keyboard – > Settings – > turn off the option “Vibrate on Keypress.”
  • Open the back cover and check whether the ratting noise occurs due to a loose button. You may place a tiny piece of tape or paper in the area between the back cover and the buttons, so as to dull the rattling sound.
  • If the issue persists, visit a service center for repair or replacement of the phone. The phone will probably be repaired if the problem is due to the vibrating motor.
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