Must have Android apps 2011

A lot of us are proud owners of Android phones such as the HTC sensation or the Motorola Droid. However, do we have all the apps that are a must have; the apps that not only make our lives a little easier but also are a source of entertainment ? Below, is a list of all the must have Android apps of 2011

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Most of these must have Android apps are easy to use and visually captivating. Some of the apps may cost a few bucks, but most of them are fee to download.  So, if you have not downloaded the apps by now read through the following article and choose as per your needs.

  • Dolphin Browser HD: The first must have app is a web browser. This app is free to download and allows you to customize the app as per your personality with various colors, shades and themes. You can add capabilities to the browser with Add-ons and can also navigate by gesture. It supports flash for various videos and can even unlock un-cropped pages.
  • History Eraser Pro: This app is available for $1.49. It is a small price to pay for the varied functionalities that it offers. The app allows you to select all the unwanted data from the messages, the browser history and the cached data and then deletes them in a jiffy. The phone thus has a lot of additional free space for you to play around.
  • Angry Birds: This is a highly popular game and can be a great companion during long commutes or times of solitude. It is freely available and has other franchises such as Angry Birds Rio.
  • LastPass: It is available on a monthly subscription of $1.00. The app is a great way to manage the usernames and the passwords for the various websites. You do not need to remember all passwords, but only the one for LastPass. In addition, the app makes sure that you have different user names and passwords for different sites, to prevent identity theft.
  • Where’s My Droid: This app is free and allows for easy location of misplaced phones. It tends to ring at maximum volume when searched for and can also be used to locate the phone as long as the GPS on the phone is enabled.
  • Google Maps: This is one of the most popular apps provided by Google and is free to download. With the use of this app, finding addresses or getting around in unfamiliar surroundings is no longer a pain.
  • IMDB Movies & TV:  The app is free and allows you to check for movies and shows that are playing in the local cinema. In addition, you can search for information about movie stars and buy tickets as well.
  • WebMD for Android: This free app allows you to have all first aid instructions at the tip of your fingers. In addition, it provided a list of doctors and pharmacies in a particular locality.
  • Astrid Task/To-do List: This is one of the best freely available task managers for Android phones. Its features include alarms, due-dates, etc. along with the option of synching with Google tasks.
  • Slacker Radio: This is a free app and one of the best music streaming services. It has several customizable features and audio quality that is hard to beat.
  • ESPN Score Center: This free app is a must have for all sports fans. It allows you to quickly check all the sports updates and scores, whether it be football, baseball, basketball or others.
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