OnePlus 5 – Jelly Effect on Display while Scrolling


Soon after the OnePlus 5 was launched it started receiving bad reviews about screen issues. The screen was displaying a “jelly effect” when scrolling; the images on the screen was compressing and stretching just as jelly does when moved. When the users scrolled through the contents of the screen, this effect was noticed and it stopped immediately after the user stopped the scrolling.

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The effect was not noticed on all OnePlus 5 handsets, and for those who were experiencing it, the levels of compression were not the same. When some reviewers looked for this effect, they said that it was to a very small degree and could be ignored; basically it was an effect that would not be noticed unless one was actively looking for it.

OnePlus went ahead and suggested that the behaviour was natural and was not caused by hardware issues. They said that they used the same high-quality components used on all other OnePlus mobile devices, including the AMOLED display. They confirmed that they had received feedback from users about how the effect was noticed during some times and not always, and they responded by saying that the effect was natural and there was no variance in the display of the screen of all their models.


Basically, their statement ruled out any chances of having the devices replaced through the warranty; consumers who purchased their devices directly could use the 15-day replacement offer, although there was no guarantee that the new replacement would not exhibit this jelly scrolling effect.

This issue is not the first one to be seen on OnePlus models. The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T screens had a touch latency issue, which co-founder Carl Pei gave a low priority. The OnePlus 5 hardware issues have also been on the news as XDA developers noted that the built-in software for all OnePlus models was interacting with benchmark software in ways that were different from the norm; this was reported by Sean Keach from TechRadar.

Granted, the OnePlus 5 is a great smartphone, and is one of the top-selling Android handsets on the market today. However, perception plays a great role in the success of any mobile phone brand. OnePlus should pay more attention to the concerns raised by existing OnePlus 5 owners as this will affect the decision of people who may be considering buying this particular model; they may decide to move on to another brand and this is not good for the sales of the OnePlus 5.

Let us know in the comment if any of you have faced the ‘jelly effect’ while using the OnePlus 5

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