Pink or Reddish Circle in the Center of Pictures on Xperia Z3 ? Fix

Some owners of the Sony Xperia Z3 have complained about color shading issues on the pictures taken using the phone’s camera. In most cases, the pictures have a reddish or pink circle mark bang in the middle of the photos.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

  • Restart the Z3. A phone restart will clear the cache and close or stop all the apps that are running/working in the background, thereby hampering the camera’s performance.
  • Check and see if the camera app as well as other apps are updated to their latest versions. Also, check for new updates for the OS, and install it if it is available. To check for OS updates, go to Settings – > About Phone – > Software Updates – > tap on System Updates.
    • Check for app and OS updates periodically and then download and install all updates as and when they are made available by the developer.
  • Avoid taking photos in surrounding with dim light or in low-light areas. This is because the use of flash just worsens the problem of abnormal color shading in the photos.

sony xperia z3 pink color camera

  • Go to the camera settings and make some adjustments. This helps in getting rid of the problem in some cases.
  • Back up all the data on the Xperia Z3. Now, carry out a software repair with the help of Bridge for Mac OS or PC Companion for Windows OS.
  • If the camera issue persists, then factory reset the device to its original factory settings. A reset however may or may not resolve the abnormal camera photos issue. Also, a factory reset erases all the data from the Z3. Hence, before resetting, users need to confirm that all the data is backed up. The reset process may take some time to finish. Hence, check whether the battery is fully charged or plug the Z3 into a charger and then commence the reset.
    • It is also possible for incompatible settings, buggy apps, etc. to interfere with camera performance. Such apps are removed during a factory reset. However, such older settings, etc., get reinstalled into the device if data is restored from an older backup after the reset. Hence, instead of restoring data, users can set up the Z3 as a new device and then manually enter all the data back into it. A fresh version of the apps can be installed from Google Play Store.
  • To perform a factory reset using the screen via settings,
    • Go to Settings – > Backup and Reset – > Factory data reset – > tap on the option ‘reset phone’ – > enter any password or pin if needed – > tap on the option ‘erase everything.’
  • If the issue persists, then contact Sony support or visit a service center for further assistance, including replacement or repair of the device.
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