Private Photos Disappeared After Android 5 Lollipop Update – Fix

Some users of Android devices have reported that access to the private mode pictures is restricted after updating the devices to Lollipop OS. This problem is especially prevalent in Samsung android devices, but it is not limited to just that brand. Users who have a file explorer app on their devices can see that the files are still present on their devices. However, they cannot open or access them as the files/photos are encrypted.

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  • The access problem related to private photos after update to Android 5.0 Lollipop seems to be a bug in the software. It can only be rectified by another update. Hence, users just need to wait and regularly check for the next OS update on their devices.
  • In the meantime, users need to make sure that they do not do anything that will delete the pictures. For example, a factory reset which erases all data from the device. Users will be able to access the private mode photos once again after the new update is available for download.
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