Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Wifi Problem – Fix

Galaxy Note 2 users have reported problems with Wi-Fi connection. Some users have pointed out that their phones were extremely slow when connecting to Wi-Fi and at times there was random disconnecting. In other times, the Wi-Fi indicated that it is on but phone could not access the internet. 

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There various issues which could cause such problems and they include individual routers and setting or the setting on the Galaxy Note 2 phone. The solution to such connection problems is by restarting the Wi-Fi. For some users, it would simply work by restarting the Wi-Fi. Users can turn the Wi-Fi on their phone off and on again. Similarly, users may also try rebooting the phone as well as the router. 

In addition, users need to disable the Wi-Fi sleep mode to ensure that it is set to Always. Users can go to Setting then to Wi-Fi and press the Menu button again to choose Advanced. You need to ensure that the feature “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep mode” is set to an Always. In addition, users can check if the Wi-Fi Timer is set on and if the IP address is set here. 


For users who are on AT&T connection, they need to check on their Smart Wi-Fi app since it could override the phone settings.  Restoring Factory setting has also been reported by some users as helpful in addressing the Wi-Fi connection issue. However, if you do Factory reset, it means you will have to reinstall apps and set up your phone again. 

If your Wi-Fi is turning off only to turn itself on again, then you also need to check on the setting. This issue is common with Sprint customers and it is caused by the Connection Optimizer. In order to solve the problem you need to find the connection optimizer by going to Menu then to Setting and to More Setting where you choose Mobile Networks and disable it. 

If you find that the connection optimize turns itself on again following rebooting of the phone, you need to tell the Note 2 phone to forge Wi-Fi network. You need to go to Setting then to Wi-Fi and choose the available network option where you say forget them. However, this means that you will not be able to use Wi-Fi when you need it therefore you have to add it again. This is actually not an ideal fix as you have to keeping on resetting the Wi-Fi network now and then.

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