Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Pictures, Release Date, Specs

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date has been fixed in the month of September at IFA 2013. Note 3 will be upgraded with a distinct design – the all new metal design.  It is a fact that if there is something that pushes Samsung Galaxy 4 below HTC One, it is the amazing metal design that HTC One carries.  So for Note 3, Samsung will move out of the plastic shell and come up with a sleek metal look.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will carry most features of Galaxy S4 with some extra features and  rich, metal design. . SamMobile’s insider adds that the Galaxy Note 3 will include a 6 inch display and an innovative design.  While Galaxy S4 design was well-received, Samsung could not give a metal design to the model because the release date was timed for March and April . ]

However, the Galaxy Note 3 will carry a 6 inch 1080P HD AMOLED display and an Exynos Octa 5 processor with LTE and a 13 megapixel camera.  The device will run on the latest version of Android, which will be Android 5.0 to be launched in September 2013.

Galaxy S4 has special sensors and trade secrets that makes the brand more software rich than HTC One, and if there is anything that can make HTC superior is its attractive look, in terms of design. This is going to chance when Galaxy S3 comes up with the metal design.  Though Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Galaxy Note 1 and 2 are among the best smartphones ever produced, they all have a plastic design.  It is also true that Samsung does make many smartphones with metal and aluminum designs. For instance, Samsung Wave series has an aluminum design.  Rumors are that Samsung has showed the new design of Galaxy Note 3 to AT&T and the inputs have been positive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Pictures

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