Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drain – Fix

Since it is a resource heavy phone, it is possible for Samsung Galaxy S3 to have battery issues.  There are statistics which say that Samsung Galaxy S3 has the best battery life among smartphones  with 726 minutes (more than 12 hours) of calling time on medium 3G service. But the same sentiments are not expressed by people who say that they are lucky if the phone lasts for half a day.


 How to Improve Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life

Here are some ways to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Wi-FI’.  Then select ‘Advanced’.  Once you are there, choose ‘Connect to Wi-Fi while sleep’ and choose Never. This fix has helped increase battery life on many Samsung Galaxy S3 phones.
  2. Use the Power Saving Option -  By default, the ‘Power Saving’ option is set to ‘disabled’.  Once you ‘enable’ it,  the phone will reduce the CPU speed, background apps running and lower the screen resolution.   You can choose ‘ Custom Power Saving’ and choose which functionalities you can save power of.
  3. Reduce the brightness – The screen resolution is known to take the maximum power of Samsung Galaxy phones with AMOLED display.  Just go to Settings –Display- Brightness and adjust the slider to the level you want.
  4. Black background saves battery –  There are some colors that use more battery than others on the display. Black, a color, conserves battery better than others.  Yyou can go to the color profile editor of Samsung Galaxy S3 by going to Settings and choosing ‘ Screen Mode’.  Go to Settings – Display and Screen Mode to select from four different profiles.
  5. Battery saving apps – There are many battery savings apps for Samsung Galaxy S3 that can increase its battery life.  These turn off the apps that you are not using and enhances the power of your phone.  Some of the best battery saving apps for your Android phone include  Juice Defender,  Easy Battery Saver and  Better Battery Store. You can get them at the Google Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Drain – Fix

Tests do reveal that the main cause for Samsung Galaxy S3 battery drain is the cell standby feature.  Some developers in XDA have  noted, “The drain value in framework-res.apk file is mistakenly set to 34 mA, instead of 3.4 mA. And setting this value results in 50 to 70 present more battery consumption than should ordinarily be shown.” The fix is in updating the “power_profile.xml” file in framework-res package . Here is how you can fix the Samsung Galaxy Battery drain issue

  1. Download the file from Mediafire.
  2. Save this file on MicroSD card or internal storage.
  3. Reboot the phone in Clockwork Recovery Mode.
  4. Select ‘install zip from SD card’ and choose the downloaded file.
  5. Restart the phone and you should be able to solve the battery drain issue.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S3  Extended Battery -  There is a new 2300mAh extended battery for Samsung Galaxy 3 from Mugen Power Batteries which can give 10 percent more power than the standard battery with the handset which is 2100Ah.


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