Samsung Galaxy S3 – Battery Not Charging (Fix)

Smartphone devices are sometimes faced with hitches, which make the user experience annoying, and with Samsung’s Galaxy S3, it is no exception. There are many issues with this phone, which range from battery charging problems, battery drain issues to overheating. Issues of intermittent charging have been reported with Galaxy S3. 

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At Fiatforum, users have complained that their new S3 devices are experiencing issues with charging. A faulty charging mechanism is noted in handsets where they charge in installments. Some users have reported that their phones charging systems were stuck at 4 percent and even failed to attain full charge despite several hours of charging. 

Although there is a temporary fix for charging issues with Galaxy S3, users are recommended to visit their nearest authorized dealers or service providers where they bought their handsets. This is especially so if the phone is experiencing persistent battery charging issues such as long hours of charging without gaining any complete charge or having episodes of installment charges where your phone gets stuck at some point or percentage of charge and never gets fully charged. 

Users who identify their charging problems and report the same to service providers where they bought their phones are likely to have free services or replacements done. However, you can try to fix the battery issue by following these few steps;

  • First, you need to open framework-res.apk file through 7zip or winrar and navigate to framework-resresxml.
  • When you have navigated to framework-resresxml, you delete the existing file “power_profile.xml” and then add the attached one here.
  • After that, you have to pull back the framework-res.apk to your phone and then restart the device. 

It the phone charging persists even after trying the above fit-it procedure, you may have to contact the store where you bought your Galaxy S3 phone. 

In case you are experiencing problems with excessive battery drain when your phone is in a standby mode, you may opt to download

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  1. My sumsung galaxy 3 was working fine but all of sudden today without reason charging only less tahn 2% per one hour.

  2. These phones, like most Samsung offerings, are nothing but junk. Had an original Galaxy S, which I replaced 4 times in two years. The S3 I just bought about six months ago is now having this problem with charging. I am buying a flip phone to replace it, no more smartphones for me.

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