Samsung Galaxy S4 – Battery Drain Fix

All in all, Samsung Galaxy S4 has good battery life but it can be better.  We know that on a practical basis, people may still have problems with the Galaxy S4 battery life and would like to prolong it. Here’s how you can do it.

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  1. Enable Power Saving Option – If you go through ‘Settings’ and ‘Power Saving’, you will see that it is ‘disabled’ by default.  You can enable ‘system power saving’ , this will bring down the screen resolution,  background apps and the CPU speed. You can also choose ‘custom power saving’ option wherein the settings will be enabled when the battery level is below the value you set.
  2. Change WI-FI settings  – Go to Settings and then to ‘Wi-FI’. Select ‘Advanced’. Once you are there, ‘Connect to WI-FI while sleep’ and choose ‘Never’. This will increase the battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4
  3. Change the screen mode – You can go to Settings – Display and Screen Mode. You will see different modes like ‘standard’, ‘dynamic’ , movie mode etc. Choose the one that you think is the best to increase the battery life on Galaxy S4
  4. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and WI-FI when not in use – This is self explanatory . For disabling GPS, you can go to ‘Turn off WI-FI’, go to Settings, choose WI-FI and disable it. The option ‘Bluetooth’ is also available in  ‘Settings’ which you can disable. To turn off GPS on Samsung Galaxy S4, just go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Locations and Services’ and disable GPS. Alternatively, you can also disable it from the menu icon on the top of the home screen.
  5. Turn off 3G –  When you are not in the 3G network, there is no point putting your phone on 3G as it constantly searches for network and drains the battery.  To turn off 3G on your Galaxy S4, simply go to Applications – Settings – Wireless and Network- Mobile Networks –Network Mode and choose GSM.
  6. Do not use Samsung Galaxy S4 live wallpapers –  The livepapers may elicit a wow appeal from friends and foes, but they tend to drain your Galaxy S4 battery. So to reduce the battery usage, just use regular one. If you click on ‘Settings’ and look a ‘Battery, you will find that the ‘Screen’ takes a lion’s share of battery consumption. Using dark wallpapers can be even better in increasing battery life on your device.
  7. Reduce brightness –  You can reduce the brightness of the screen and save battery life on Galaxy S4 considerably.  Instead of  ‘Automatic Brightness Adjust’, choose the manual route.  Go to ‘Settings’ – ‘Sound and Display – Brightness’ and manually reduce it.
  8. Good ‘Charging’ Practices –  Do not  overcharge your device; if you leave the phone plugged on for hours, the battery life can be affected whether it is Galaxy S4 or any other phone in the world.  To improve the battery life on you  Galaxy S4, charge the phone only when the battery falls below 10 percent.  Though some people use the USB cable to charge, it is not recommended because there is no fixed power flow from the USB.  You can also clean the golden pins on your phone with a dry cloth, once in two months. Do not pull the pins, just wipe the pins gently with lint-free, clean cloth to remove dust and other foreign substances.  Also, please use the original charger that came with the phone.
  9. Use the task manager – There may be apps running the background. Just use the task manager to exit those apps that drain the battery life.
  10. Battery saving apps – There are many battery saving apps for Samsung Galaxy S4, the moot function of these is to turn off the background functionalities on your device. A few  notable ones that you can use for your Galaxy S4 to increase the battery life are  Better Battery Stats, Juice Defender, Easy Battery Saver and 2x Battery
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