Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad : Which is better ?

The Apple iPad has long been the favorite tablet among users. However, with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, users now have an alternative that is equally competent when it comes to features and fluidity of usage.

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There are a number of reasons, why individuals may opt for an iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Some of the pros and cons of the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are discussed below:

  • The battery life: This is one of the most important aspects of any mobile device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been tested and found to last for up to 7 hours of video playback on a single charge, while the iPad can give users up to ten hours of battery life. Most of us who tend to use the tablets on a professional basis, will only occasionally indulge in movie watching activities on the tablets. Thus, the life span of the battery depends on individual usage. However, one can safely say that the iPad battery will outlast the Samsung Tab on a single charge.
  • The display: The iPad has a bigger display the Samsung Tab. The iPad comes with a 9.7 inch display while the Tab has a 7 inch display. Also, the iPad has better resolution at 1024 x 768 pixels as compared to the Tab that has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The smaller size of the Samsung Tab, will however give the developers the added leverage to develop apps that will make full use of the functions and features of the Tab.
  • Contract: The Samsung Tab is offered by various carriers on a contract basis just like the smartphones, and may involve monthly 3G or 4G data packages, which users may or may not use. The iPad is also offered with an AT&T contract. But users who have 3G capable iPads also have the opportunity to buy wireless access without formally entering into a contract. Thus, the Samsung Tab can be a costly proposition. The Samsung Tab may also be available in the future without any carrier contract, but without the carrier subsidy, the cost of the Tab may further increase.
  • The Operating System: the iPad comes with the iOS operating system which is very user friendly and comes with a number of brilliant features. The apps that are available in the App Store are unique and incomparable. On the other hand, the Samsung Tab comes with the Android operating system, which is growing by leaps and bounds. A varied number of apps are being developed for the android OS every day. Also, unlike the App Store, most of the apps in the Android Market are free to download and are more or less similar to the apps available in App Store. It may also be noted that most of the apps in the android market have been developed for use on smartphones. The smaller size of the Tab, makes it possible for users to play games such as Angry Birds on the Samsung Tab, without any experience of pixilation of the game. On the other hand, apps such as Facebook app which have been designed for a smaller screen tend to appear grainy on the iPad.
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