Samsung Gear Fit Stops Recording During Session

Many Samsung Gear Fit users have reported that the device stops recording during sessions, often randomly and without any known cause. In most cases, the recording issue occurs during cycling when the Gear Fit will record only half the session or will stop recording after a few minutes.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

samsung gear fit smartwatch time

  • When users stop to take rest or at a traffic signal then it is possible for the Gear Fit to recognize the stop as an end to the session; it will then stop recording the session. In order to overcome this problem, users may install/update to the latest version of the software as it provides the option of a pause during moments as listed above. Ensure that you make use of the ‘pause’ option during rest or at traffic stops, etc.
  • It is also possible for a weak mobile data signal to interfere with the working of the Gear Fit, thereby causing the recording session to stop. Weak signal strength is often encountered when going through a heavily wooded area, etc. Thus, if users know that a specific area has weak signal, then it is best to turn off LTE or mobile data.
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